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Note to Self has been selected as a nook first!

Those lovely people at Barnes and Noble have selected Note to Self to be a nook first! This means that they will be featuring the book on the front page of their website, highlighting it as something for people to try if they are interested in seeing stuff from new authors. Being on the nook first program is really great, as it helps give exposure to new authors that they might not necessarily acheive otherwise, unless they are stupidly rich and can afford to spend ludicrous sums of money on advertising. I am not stupidly rich (I’m just stupid), so all I have to rely in terms of publicity is word of mouth from readers who enjoy my books, and little gifts like this from big retailers. So thanks very much Barnes and Noble – I’ll send you some chocolate in the post! Actually I won’t because it might get damaged.

So apparently, the book goes live as a nook first on Saturday. Now, I know what you’re thinking – it is Saturday already, so surely I should know whether it’s on the website by now, right? Well, it might be Saturday for you, but I’m actually writing this on Thursday night and scheduling it to go out on Saturday using some automic forward sheduling button thing on the wordpress dashboard, because I’m away for the next few days, and won’t have a chance to write anything on the day. So ner to you.

As well as featuring Note to Self on their website, Barnes and Noble also do a number of other things to publicise the book: they mention it in a blog that goes out to all nook users, they advertise it on their nook e-readers, and they also arrange a flypast over all the capital cities of the world, with the title of the book and a photograph of me trailing behind hundreds of planes on 50-foot banners. Nice huh? Oh wait – they dont’ do that last one. But it’s still fantastic.

Here’s the link:

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  1. How about a link so anyone reading this can see it once you are back. Well done. Congratulations. That is mega news.

    September 28, 2013 at 8:44 am

    • Good idea! I hadn’t thought of that…


      September 30, 2013 at 12:55 am

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