Author of Time Rep and Note To Self


Imagfffe1 Imdfdfage1 P1010312 P1010343Peter Ward was born in London in 1980. He was educated at William Torbitt Primary School and Ilford Country High School in Essex, before studying English Literature at the University of Southampton.

He started writing his first book Time Rep in 2002, which took six years to complete. He then left it in a drawer for three years before putting the first draft of it on the internet in 2010. After being downloaded 60,000 times and receiving (mostly) positive reviews, he thought it would be wise to approach a literary agent. This led to a new and improved draft of Time Rep being published by Diversion Books in 2013. He then wrote another book called Note to Self, and that got published too! Hooray!

He lives in London with his wife Lucy and a very small cat.

P.S. It’s also worth pointing out that he does own more than one set of clothes, despite what the pictures on the left might suggest.