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I’ve noticed an amusing trend recently with some made-for-television movies, particularly the ones made for the sci-fi channel. Unsatisfied with having a generic monster terrorising people, film producers are now crossing two animals together to make a different, more terrifying combination. It’s hilarious. Two films that have recently caught my attention are Piranhaconda (a cross between a piranha and an anaconda), and Shartopus (which is a cross between a shark and – can you guess? – a whale. I mean an octopus.) Then, just when I thought things couldn’t get any more ridiculous, I saw a trailer for a film called Sharknado. That’s right – Sharknado. A cross between a shark and a tornado. You don’t even need to look up a plot summary in Wikipedia for that one – the title tells you everything you need to know. A tornado whips up some sharks from the ocean and transports them inland to terrorise people with disastrous consequences. Still don’t believe me? Well here’s the posters for all three films:











Anyway, Sharknado got me thinking about what other combinations of creatures / natural disasters you could have. Here are my top five, along with a tagline, plot summary, and a hastily drawn movie poster by yours truly, which can be made bigger if you click on it :


Tagline: When the snow melts, get ready for global swarming!

Plot summary: In the not too distant future, a climate change researcher tries to warn people of the dangers of global warming. He discovers that under the ice in a remote mountain range, there lies a species of giant killer ants, frozen for millions of years. One day, with temperatures hotter than ever, the ice in the mountains melts, and the ants defrost, swarming over the planet with disastrous consequences.








Tagline: A venom-y attack from outer space!

Plot summary: In the not too distant future, an astronomer identifies an asteroid made entirely of snakes, set on a collision course with Earth. He tries to warn everyone with no success, and when the asteroid eventually strikes, giant killer alien snakes are sent to every corner of the planet with disastrous consequences.








Tagline: Eight times worse than a tsunami, four times worse than a twonami

Plot summary: In the not too distant future, a marine biologist is researching some bizarre underwater seismic readings near a popular beach resort. He discovers that a tsunami is immanent, but what’s worse, the tsunami will carry a species of deadly giant octopi to shore! He tries to warn everybody but is ignored, and when the giant waves crash onto land, the octopi are swept ashore with disastrous consequences.








Tagline: Close that portal, and make it snappy!

Plot summary: In the not too distant future, a quantum physicist is trying to create a singularity that will open a portal to another world. When he eventually succeeds however, he inadvertently creates a gateway between our world, and a planet infested with Crocodiles. With disastrous consequences.








Tagline: Dino-sawing up from the centre of the Earth!

Plot summary: In the not too distant future, dinosaurs come out of an earthquake. With disastrous consequences.








So there you go. Those are my top five films ideas that combine a creature with a natural disaster. Other honourable mentions for ones I couldn’t be bothered to draw include Scorpcano (scorpions coming out of a volcano), Stingrayn (Stingrays falling like rain from the sky), Zombears (zombie bears) and Taranogater (a cross between a tarantula and an alligator).

If you can think of a good title for a film using the formula of combining two things together, send it my way and I might have a go at drawing it…

Until next time!

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