Author of Time Rep and Note To Self

Mark made the weather nice!

So against all odds, my friend Mark came through. As a recap for those who have not been following the weather saga, this evening we went to Secret Cinema’s screening of Back to the Future. I’m not going to say anything about the experience just yet (apart from strongly recommending it for any fans of the film), but one thing we were worried about was the weather.

The Met office said there were supposed to be heavy showers. The remnants of hurricane Bertha were supposed to drift across London and make things rather unpleasant. We were supposed to get soaked.

However, the Met office forgot to take into account one thing in their forecast – my friend Mark was going along to Back to the Future with us, and the weather is always nice wherever he goes. Today was the ultimate test for his abilities, and my word did he come through. In the morning, the sky was black, heavy rain was lashing down, and there was very intense thunder and lightning. By the time my wife and I left the house to go the screening though, the sky had cleared up considerably. While we were on the bus it rained again, but when we got there, the skies cleared. There was a brief moment of light drizzle at 8.45pm, at which point Mark turned to me and said “don’t worry, this is only going to last about three minutes, then it will be clear for the rest of the evening.” Three minute later, the rain stopped, the sky cleared, the wind died down, and the weather was absolutely perfect for the rest of the night. It was almost an echo of Doc Brown being able to predict the weather in Back to the Future Part II, except in Mark’s case, I see no other explanation for his ability other than the fact that he must have some control over the weather.

If you have an event you have coming up and are praying for good weather, just invite my friend Mark along, give him a few drinks, and enjoy the sunshine!




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