Author of Time Rep and Note To Self

Back to the Future weather update

For those of you who haven’t been following the saga (and by that I mean you haven’t read the previous post), today is the day myself, my wife, and four other friends go to see the Secret Cinema screening of Back to The Future in Stratford. We’re all very excited, but we’re also very nervous about the weather. As we speak, the remnants of hurricane Bertha are drifting towards us, bringing with it lots of rain, lightening (will it strike the clocktower?) and all sorts of other meteorological nastiness. Now, I did mention that one of the people in the group is Mark – a man who has this strange ability to make the weather nice whenever he goes to festivals or other outdoor events. I credit him for the weather at my weding being amazing, even though every forecast said it was going to pour with rain. On this occaision the odds have definitely been against us, but this morning I checked the BBC website, and what did it say?


The red box shows the times we need it to not rain. Weird, don’t you think? Now part of me knows not to trust weather forecasts, and part of me is worried that I’m probably jinxing us all by posting this, but it’s still very strange, don’t you think?

I’ll report back lsoon and let you know if the weather held. Come on Mark – don’t let us down in our time of need!


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